Built to Monetize

  Checkout in Seconds

Players shouldn’t have to enter billing information with every checkout, and they shouldn’t need to constantly be redirected to 3rd party providers.

CubedPay remembers player payment details between servers, making checkout a snap.

  Easy Integration

Adding packages only takes a few lines of code. We’ll send details to your server in near-realtime as payments are completed, refunded, or disputed.

Integrating new packages requires no webstore setup.

  Safety First

Payment methods provided by players are tokenized before being stored on CubedPay servers. We never share player details with webstores, and only tell them when a payment is approved.

No PCI compliance is required on your behalf.

But that’s not all…

Analytics & Insights

Watch your store grow over time, measure traffic, and view detailed statistics.

Checkout in Seconds

We remember customer details network-wide. Checkout takes seconds.

Built-In Support Tickets

Customers can request support for their payments right through CubedPay. No need for clunky forum software.

Professional Themes

Install and customize from our theme library and ensure your store looks great from every device.

Fast Package Delivery

Using webhooks, sockets, or quick package polling, we ensure your customers get their purchases as quickly as possible.

Subscriptions Coming Soon

Sell recurring products, offer free trials, and much more.


Our control panel is build using the same APIs that 3rd-party developers have access to.

Coupons & Sales

Sales and coupon codes allow you to increase engagement and promote purchases.

Payment Pass

Process payments directly in-game, safely and securely. Your customers just need to authorize you once.

Gifting Coming Soon

Allow your customers to send your products to friends and family.

CubedPay Insights Coming Soon

Compare yourself to others in your market, and see what changes you can make to optimize and grow your store.

Taxes & Custom Fees

Charge gateway fees, taxes, or more.


Respond to events as they happen on your own server.

Free Products

Offer free products and items.

No Monthly Fees

Never worry about monthly fees. We only make money when you do.

Cloud Hosted

No complicated installs or maintenance. Just setup your store and focus on your monetization.

Digital Products Coming Soon

Offer your customers unique download links to a file, with support for extended licensing options.

Physical Products Coming Soon

Collect shipping details, send physical goods, and allow your customers to view detailed tracking info.

Custom Domain

Use your own domain name for your store.

Virtual Currencies Coming Soon

Allow your customers to purchase, trade, and use virtual currencies within your store.

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